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When your company has a claim filed against your company, consider ICC as your Third- Party Administrator before you consider a law firm.  At ICC, we investigate non- litigated claims to determine liability at a reduce cost.

ICC Pharmceutical Third Party Administrators provide claim services to pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies.


At ICC we investigative allegations of failure to warn on side effect of drugs made against drug manufacturers who market their products in the interstate of commerce.


Failure to warn against side effects of a drug  


A failure to warn is not the cause of a harm if the person to be warned is already aware of the danger that should have been warned against.  Example: a company’s failure to warn about a risk associated with a pharmaceutical drug would not be the cause of the harm if the physican who administrered the drug was fully aware of the risk vs., the benefit under the doctor patient relationship.  ICC investigates these matters in determining if a liability even exist.   

ICC investigates claims filed against brand name drug manufactures vs., generic manufactures. Recently, the Supreme Court has ruled that generic drug manufactures are pre-empted from litigation for failure to warn against side-effects that were approved by the FDA on the brand name drugs. To read to full version click here.  

There are other defenses ICC investigate such as, if warning labels were properly placed on pharmacy bottles, or if a physician prescribed the medication for reasons other than what the medication was intended for.  



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