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Manufacturer Liability  for Defective Products              

ICC Processes Product Liability Claims for  Manufacturers 


 The law of product safety is regulated by administrative agencies of federal ,state and municipal governments to regulate the safety of products sold to the public. Product safety  law ,operates seeking  to prevent product-caused accidents and diseases before they happen.  In contrast to product safety law, product liability law governs the private litigation of product accidents. Operating ex post, after a product accident has occurred, its rules define the legal responsibility of the seller and other commercial transferors of products for damages resulting from defects and misrepresentation about a product's safety or performance capabilities.  In simple terms; if a wheel or tire manufacturer supplies a defective wheel or tire to the assembler of a vehicle, and the defective causes the vehicle to crash, then the suppler of the defective wheel or tire maybe liable in addition to the manufacturer assembler of the entire vehicle for harmful consequences of the crash.  Component suppliers thus are subject to liability for manufacturing defects and for defects in design proximately caused by supplying the component. Based on this, the assembler manufacturer of the vehicle would have subrogation rights to recovery its loss from the component supplier

Example :                                                          EXAMPLE OF PRODUCT LIABILITY CASE 

Plaintiff Patrick Scott (Scott) owned and operated vehicle service stations for over 40 years, during which he was periodically exposed to asbestos from brake and clutch repair. He eventually developed mesothelioma, a form of cancer uniquely linked to asbestos. Scott and his wife Sharon (plaintiffs) filed suit against a wide variety of corporate defendants, in cluding Ford Motor Company, alleging several causes of action for negligence and products liability. Scott prevailed against Ford;  [Court decision filed March 26, 2014 ].  TO READ THE ENTIRE CASE  CLICK HERE 

 When one company (the successor) purchases the assets of another (the predecessor)the successor normally is responsible for the predecessor's debts,




The age and intelligence of the buyer will have some influence upon whether there is a duty to warn. If a retailer is aware or has reason to know that, because of intelligence, the buyer is not aware of the danger of the product and the retailer has such knowledge, the retailer is required to warn the consumer of the danger.


When the retailer or contractor assembles, or both assemble and installs the manufacturer's product, the retailer (or contractor) is under a duty to the purchaser to exercise care in doing so. This would mean that the retailer would have to follow the manufacturer's assembly instructions or installation instructions.

More important, the retailer would be required to test and inspect the product to assure the product is safe in its assembly. Further consideration is established when a manufacturer or assembler markets without adequate warnings. The reseller is subject to liability without negligence in selling the product that lacks the manufacturer's adequate warning.

Thus, those in the market sales chain that are subsequent to a sale by the manufacturer, could be liable, without negligence for the manufacturer's failure to provide adequate warnings.


At ICC we take claims seriously. The following are what ICC considers when processing claims:

Negligence,  Tortious Misrepresentation, Warranty , Strict Liability ,  Nature and proof of Defectiveness, Manufacturing Defects, Design Defects, Warning Defects, Limitations on Defectiveness,  Cause in fact , Proximate cause,  User Misconduct Defenses, Types of Transactions,  Automotive Defects, Aviation Defects, Marine Defects, Mechanical Defects, Building/Design Defects and Defective Merchandise. Risk -ultility as a defense 


At ICC we thoroughly  investigate each claim by taking  statements from all parties involved, including but limited to witnesses, perform accident reconstruction, analysis and provide a complete report establishing liability or providing a thorough defense.   



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