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ICC's Third Party Adminstrators /Workers' Compensation 

ICC  a multi divisional company, provides Third Party Administration services in Workers Compensation for self-insured companies, businesses, manufacturers, construction companies, hospitals, municipalities, State and Federal Government.  ICC’s technological approach provides the world’s most efficient optimization technology for claims processing. Our solutions are designed for a range of claims which includes: Workers' Compensation nationwide, Longshore Harbor Workers' Compensation. and the Jones Act.  ICC's solutions are designed to uncover hidden service delivery capacity, reduce company's costs, and improve services.  

The Advantage of using an external Third Party Administrator 

ICC’s purpose is to provide an innovative solution to third party administration services. Within any organization the effective use of resources are paramount to the development of profits and continued growth. With the ever-increasing application of using a Third Party Administration - the ability of an organization to separately function independent from an insurance company, has proven to be a successful alternative to many businesses. The advantages of using an external Third Party Administrator are:

(a) The cost of a third party administrator is less overhead expense than paying an insurance company.

(b) Immediate access to highly trained highly efficient professional administrators  that are experienced eliminating the costly introduction and training curve that is inherent to the introduction of an internal department.

(c) Administrators that are motivated to perform at peak proficiency immediately and continually.

(d) Administrators that are not "ON THE CLOCK" and are paid for only what they produce; not by the number of employees or revenue intake.  

(e) Expense directly related to productivity and chargeable directly to specific problems, costs, or incidents.

(f) You control the money not the insurance companies.  

    with ICC your company knows what they are              paying for and why !


                  Our investigation establishes the following:


1) Accident Reconstruction 

We provide a comprehensive detailed reconstruction of the accident. This includes introduction, summaries, conclusions, exhibits, photos, medical review, medical illustration of injuries, medical records, physicians notes, police reports, photos of the damage, recorded statements, interviews, and scaled drawings.


2) Injury Reconstruction 

In our injury reconstructions, ICC prepares a comprehensive and detailed report. This report will include an introduction, summaries, conclusions, exhibits, appropriate photos of where the injury took place, medical review, medical illustration of the injuries, illustrations of the medical procedures, recorded statements, and interviews of the incident .


3) Medical Review 

Our Medical Reviews are professionally prepared and presented.  ICC's Medical Reviews take the complicated language of the medical profession and make it understandable for insurance companies, courts, arbitrators, mediators and employees. We incorporate medical illustrations and photos of the injury and of the medical procedures. These medical reports explain in detail what happened to cause the injury, what the injury consist of, what is currently happening with the injury, the medical procedures for the injury, and any foreseeable future problems with the injury.  ICC delve into the considerations of pre-existing conditions, aggravation of pre-existing conditions, and activation of pre-existing conditions.

ICC takes your investment seriously at handling claims as a Third Party Administrator.

With more payment sources in the insurance industry becoming increasingly highly regulated, insurance providers in (workers' compensation and personal injury protection) are increasingly pressured to shift medical cost to health- care providers. This Cost shifting has cost health-care providers (including the US Government) billions of dollars each year on medical expense that should have been paid under the workers’ compensation or auto policy.

4) Arbitration. Subrogation 

ICC provides services in Subrogation and prepare arbitration arguments to be heard by inter-arbitration insurance panels.

5) Subrogation under ERISA

ICC provides services to Self-Insurers under the ERISA act who are entitled to subrogate their loss against a third party tortfeasor.

6)  Classification Codes   953-92  and  952-38  

ICC     process and pay claims based on state's fee schedules if the entity is not a preferred provider.  Click below to find the appropriate CPT codes and modifiers for your state :  

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