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ICC does not recommend reopening schools without the proper standard of care: COVID-19

 ICC Public School Third Party Administrators 



 ICC    Third Party Administrators processes liability claims for public schools nationwide for: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Bullying, General Liability, Workers' Compensation, Wrongful Death, Slander, Premise Liability, Breach of Duty to Protect, and Claims from Wrongful Exposure of Students; Now COVID 19. 

How does ICC handle liability claims 

In one case a claim was presented against a elementary school who allegedly failed to monitor the railroad tracks crossing directly across from the school where student's crossed. The school, aware the crossing, had no protective guard rails to prevent students from crossing when trains were present. As a result, a first grade student was hit by the train and lost both legs.  The prior year, a car was struck at the same crossing as there were no safety rails.  ICC explored the following in determining liability : 

(1)  The duty to protect the student as part of a teacher's responsibilities. Teachers and administrators have a responsibility to anticipate potential danger and to take precautions to protect their students from those dangers. In this case, the school knew about the lack of safety guard rails at the railroad crossing and reported it to the railroad authority. 

(2) The failure to exercise a reasonable standard of care. If a school administrator fails to take reasonable steps to protect a student from a known potential injury, a school can be found negligent. Failure to exercise a reasonable standard of care is a second element that must be proved in a negligent claim. COVID 19 is one of those standards of care required.

(3) The proximate cause is the third element that must be proved in a school negligent claim in connection of breach of duty and the student's injury.  In other words, could the school administrator prevent the child from crossing the tracks if the school had placed a school official to monitor the crossing until the railroad authority could properly install a safety guard?  In determining yes, ICC negotiated a settlement at 10% negligence on the part of the elementary school for not placing a monitor at the crossing, and 90% on the part of the railroad company for not having safety guard rails at that crossing knowing they were aware of an accident that prior year and that school children crossed those tracks. All parties agreed and the claim was settled 100% without litigation.   

(4) ICC has a risk management program that will stop the shooting in our public schools:  Simply give the student's the dignity and respect, It's that simple.  

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When your school has a liability claim presented, call ICC as your Third Party Administrator at 1 (316) 683-0170  or fill out the contact us below and a staff representative will contact you . .