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Orthopedic Surgeons Self Insurance Plan 

ICC Orthopedic Self Insurance Plan 


ICC  Self insurance was form to help Orthopedic  doctors/ surgeons find the proper coverage for their practice. ICC is aware of the high cost of insurance and is doing its' part  to give doctors  an option to the high cost of insurance premiums..  What one carrier will not do, SELF- INSURANCE will.   

The Healing Arts Board does not require doctors to have insurance in order to maintain their medical license. [Insurance is not medicine]. Some states don't require surgeons to carrier malpractice insurance to practice in their state. So, what is problem?.  Hospitals who are self- insured require doctors to carrier insurance  to have hospital privileges.  Insurance companies require doctors to have insurance to do business with them on health cost reimbursement. Are you getting the picture now?  


Some states require doctors to have malpractice insurance to practice in their state, however, self insurance can be accepted as long as the doctor can meet the financial requirements; most states do not require financial requirements. To find out, call ICC and we will check the regulations for your practice and help you meet those state  obligations.  

HOSPITAL REQUIREMENTS. Hospitals have over the past been reluctant to give hospital privileges to surgeons who who were self insured, even though they meet financial requirements by the hospital. This has changed over the past in doctor's favor by court rulings requiring hospitals to allow hospital privileges. Call ICC for more information

 1 (316) 683-0170.    

ICC’s technological provides an optimization approach to designing a plan that is acceptable to hospitals and state requirements.  When you want optimal options to reducing cost, consider the ICC way.   


Orthopedic Surgeons


The cost of Medical Malpractice premiums are raising every time a claim is made against your malpractice policy with insurance companies. It does matter if  your not at fault. Whenever the insurance company steps in to defend a malpractice claim, your rates increase. ICC Underwriters is aware of the high cost of insurancee and is doing its' part  to keep insurance rate for doctors down.  What one carrier will not do, a self insurance plan will.    


Simply add up the premiums your practice paid to insurance companies for the past 5 years.  Subtract what the insurance company  paid out in losses for those 5 years.  If the insurance company collected more premiums dollars than they paid out, your company is a candidate for becoming self-insured.  


Suppose a Neuro-Surgeon paid $650,000.00 in annual premiums and the insurance company paid out $150,000.00 each year in liability claims  inclusive of attorney fees for  those past 5 years. With this assumption, the surgeon would have paid $3,250,000 in premiums and the insurance company would have paid out $750,000.00 combined in liability claims. This would be a  2.5 million dollar profit for the insurance company in premiums. The analysis is self evident..  

Becoming self insured; you put that profit in your pocket rather than the insurance company's.   


The courts have ruled in some states that as long a surgeon has the funds on hand or an irrevocable letter of credit to pay liability claims in the amount that the hospital requires the surgeon to have, the hospital must allow the surgeon hospital privileges as a self- insured entity. Some surgeons have obtained a irrevocable standby letter of credit or opened a separate bank account to satisfy hospital's financial requirements.  

To find out more about Self-Insurance call ICC @  1 (316) 683-0170  or 1 (845) -751-0023

The self insurance plan is designed for Orthopedic SurgeonsCardiovascular Surgeons, Neurologist,OBGYN,  Anesthesiologist  and General Physicians 





Arizona Law: Any physician can become self insured in Arizona as long as the physician can meet the state's requirements for financial responsibility as well as the hospital's requirement for hospital privileges.  For those doctors who want additional information before considering Self insurance, seeArizona Healing Arts Board  and Arizona State Senate brief on Malpractice. If you have any questions call ICC @ 1 316 683-0170 

Florida Statues For Medical Malpractice For Doctors/ Surgeons;  Chapter 627 Section 

Kansas Law For becoming Self Insured K.S.A. 40-3402

Missouri Laws/ Staues   Chapter 383-500

New York  No State Requirement to Carry Medical Malpractice insurance 

Ohio, In the state of Ohio, there is no requirement that the state insurance commissioner  or state require doctors to carry insurance in order to be license in the state to practice. Doctors therefore; can become self insured.  The only requirement  would be the hospital which if a doctor can meet  the hospital's financial requirement, they may be granted hospital privileges. If you have any questions, Call ICC @ 1 316 683-0170.     

State of Washington Self Insurance laws

Texas;  there is no law requiring Doctors or Surgeons to have malpractice insurance. "There is no statue to be found."  The Texas Healing Arts  Board does not require insurance either for a doctors to be licensed in the state of texas. The only requirement would be the hospitals which if the doctor can meet the hospitals financial requirements  they can be granted hospital privileges.  If you have a question call ICC @ 1 (316)  683-0170   

  West Virginia Doctors are allowed to be self insured in the state of Virgina 


Virgina  Malpractice Code   and Cap limits of recovery 

 Your practice can be self insured in any  state such as :  Alabama AL Alaska AK  Arizona AZ  Arkansas AR  California CA  Colorado CO   Connecticut CT   Delaware DE Florida FL Georgia GA  Hawaii HI  Idaho ID  Illinois IL  Indiana IN  Iowa IA  Kansas KS   Kentucky KY  Louisiana LA   Maine ME  Maryland MD  Massachusetts MA Michigan MI  Minnesota MN  Mississippi MS     Missouri MO  Montana MT  Nebraska NE  Nevada NV  New Hampshire NH   New Jersey NJ    New Mexico NM  New York NY North Carolina NC  North Dakota ND  Ohio OH  Oklahoma OK  Oregon OR  Pennsylvania PA  Rhode Island RI  South Carolina SC South Dakota SD Tennessee TN  Texas TX  Utah UT  Vermont VT Virginia VA  Washington WA  West Virginia WV  Wisconsin WI  Wyoming WY 




An  self Insurance Plan Designed

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