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                                          Hospital Self Insurance ....What's The Difference                                                                                                               

                              How do I know if a self- Insured Plan is appropriate for our Hospital 

One of the major reason hospitals become self- insured is to reduce the escalating cost of insurance premiums. Several major hospitals have converted to self insurance with the realization that it is more cost effective to become  self Insured rather than paying high insurance premiums.

Rural hospitals are now looking at the advantages of becoming self Insured . ICC has a plan designed for rural and small hospitals that can meet those objectives.


ICC Underwriters does not only set up a  self insurance plan,  ICC provides claim services as well as Risk Management consulting to reduce hospital’s liability exposure. We settle claims before they become lawsuits.

ICC has been settling malpractice claims for over 30 years. When you have a claim presented, call ICC                        at 1 (316) 683-0170.

 Not all hospitals can become fully self Insured. Some hospitals may need to offset a catastrophic loss. 

 ICC even provides traning to your hospital staff. Discover  the ICC way                                                                 


                                                             ANALYSIS  AND LOGIC 

                                   How Do I Know When A  Self Insured Plan is Appropriate  

How to determine if your Hospital should become self insured? Add up the premiums your hospital paid to insurance companies for the past 5 years.  Subtract what the insurance companies paid out in losses for those 5 years.  If the insurance company collected more premiums dollars than they paid out, your Hospital is a candidate for becoming self Insured.  

Suppose a rural hospital paid $500,000.00 in annual premiums. The insurance company paid out $100,000.00 each year in liability claims for the past 5 years. With this assumption, a hospital would have paid 2.5 million in premiums and the insurance company would have paid out $500,000.00 combined. This would be a 2 million dollar profit  to the  insurance company. The analysis are evident.


Hospital $500,000.00 annual premiums X 5 years = $2.5 million

Insurance company paid losses $100,000.00 X 5 years = $500,000.00-

Insurance company's profit for 5 years =   $2 million 


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