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Environmental Liability Administrators

ICC   Environmental Liability Administrators 

ICC Provides Third Party Administrative Services in Environmental Liability Claims to Businesses,
Manufacturers, State and Federal Government,

ICC specialize in First and Third Party Claims



Environmental Liability   has always had controversy  amongst  Environmental  Activist , Governmental  and Insurance CGL Polices.  ICC processes claims in:  surface/underground water contamination, oil spills, radiation waste, and nuclear/ chemical waste and goal mining accidents. Most CGL insurance policies exclude environmental claims if the policyholder owns the property. This has lead the courts to intervene . For example, in Lane Electric Cooperative v. Federated Rural Electric Insurance Crop.,  the policy excluded damage to property owned, used or in physical control  of the insured.  The court however, ruled that groundwater and the right to control  groundwater belong to the people; not the owner of the property. Accordingly, the court ruled that expenses incurred in connection with cleaning up contaminated groundwater fell outside the reach of exclusion. Other courts have ruled differently.


Third Party Liability  is when a policyholder has contaminated the ground on his property, there is generally no coverage for the clean up.  However,  this does not apply when a Third Party (government) orders the policyholder to cleanup the contamination. As such, the government would be a (Third Party Claimant  for the people).  In simple terms, the policy would exclude a First Party claim for the cleanup of their own property.  However, if the State of Federal Government steps in and orders the policyholder to clean up the contamination, then, this would trigger a Third Party Claim and the insurance carrier is entitled to defend or to pay for the cleanup.       

Environmental disaster can occur just about anywhere when that happens  ICC can be there : Example of disasters that have occured  based on the Huffington post update 


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ICC   specializing in researching the statues to assure claims are properly determined pursuant to a policy contract vs. State / Federal  statues.  

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