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ICC Claim Administrators distribute funds to claimants on class action lawsuits ordered by the state and Federal courts.  ICC claims services are strictly in compliance to courts orders.

 We have  handled claims for over 30 years for self-insured corporations who issues recalls on food, drugs, manufacture design defects and a variety of other ancillaries.  At ICC, we send certified notices informing claimants of the courts decision in a class action ruling and provides instructions to claimant on how to present a claims for compensation. 

ICC utilizes all means of advertisement, E-mails and direct mailing in an effort to adjudicate claims fairly and properly.  We understand some claims may be worth more than others and we analyze the severity of injuries after all claims have been presented in a given period set by the court.  ICC facilitates the easy of presenting a claim on line and uploading proper documentation in support. Paid claims are inclusive of proper releases and filed with the courts on how the funds were distributed to claimants to the very last penny before closing the file.

The Advantage of ICC Administrators 

ICC's administrative fee are 10% - less advertisement and notification cost.  This means more money is distributed to claimants in the class action settlement rather than administrative fees.  The attorneys already have taken their fees pursuant to the court order. There is no need for further cost to the claimants other than claim processing which ICC has the expertise. See how the court rule on class action lawsuit CLICK HERE

ICC services are to restore the integrity of a business and at the sometime compensate claimants based on courts rulings. That is ICC’s difference.

When your company agrees to a settlement out of court, call ICC as your administrator. We encourage the courts and attorneys to consider ICC as alternative means to reducing administrative cost.



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