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ICC Claim Audits and Investigation 

ICC'S Claims Audits Federal, State, Businesses, Hospitals and Third Party Administrators



ICC has extensive experience in working closely with Companies in the determination and comparison of those claims that are work related.

ICC provides these services:

1) Investigation of all Workers’ Comp Claims

a) obtain recorded statements
b) medical review for casual relationship to a workers' compensation injury
c) accident site investigation
d) surveillance to determine extent of injury
e) fraud investigation
f) recommendations

2) Expert Witness and Testimony;

3) Recommendation or Denial of Workers’ Comp., payments in accordance with federal and state regulatory statutes;

4) Recommendation safety programs to reduce Workers’ Comp., Injuries;

5) Conduct Workers’ Comp Seminars for Employees on proper procedures in presenting    negotiating claims;

6) Work with State’s Work Comp., division to reduce complaints and injuries;

7) Conduct Safety Inspections and potential exposure for terrorist acts at your business

8)  Audit claim procedures for improper handling of claims at the Department of Veterans Affairs   

       *** Note Most Insurance Companies Exclude Terrorist Act Liability  and Therefore your company 

              has no coverage under wokers' compensation 

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     Claim Audits by Certified Professionals with over 30 years experience 


1) Audits Reconstruction detailed of financial audits. This includes introductions, summaries, conclusions, exhibits, photos, medical review, medical illustration of injuries, medical records , physicians notes, police reports, photos of the damage, recorded statements, interviews to determine whether medical evidence is causally related to an injury, necessary and reasonable to include, but not limited to, scaled drawings, billing statements, spread and balance sheets inclusive of   conclusion of facts and findings.  

ICC 's Claims Audits

2) Medical Review

Our Medical Reviews are professionally prepared and presented. Our Medical Reviews take the complicated language of the medical profession and make it understandable for insurance companies, courts, arbitrators, and mediators. We incorporate medical illustrations and photos of the injury and of the medical procedures. These medical reports explain in detail what happened to cause the injury, what the injury consisted of, what is currently happening with the injury, the medical procedures for the injury, and the future problems with the injury. We also delve into the considerations of pre-existing conditions, aggravation of pre-existing conditions, and activation of pre-existing conditions.

In federal/ state and general  workers' compensation, casual relationship is a medical issue, and the medical evidence required to establish a casual relationship is considered rationalized medical evidence.  Rationalized medical evidence is medical evidence which includes a physician's rationalized medical opinion on the issues of whether there is a casual relationship between the claimant's diagnosed condition and the implicated employment factors. The opinion of the physician must be:

(1) based on a complete factual and medical background of the claimant;

(2) be one of reasonable medical certainty; and

(3) be supported  by medical rationale, explaining  the nature of the relationship between the diagnosed condition, and the specific employment factors identified by the claimant.  Neither the mere fact that a disease or condition manifests itself during a period of employment nor the belief that the disease or condition was caused or aggravated by employment factors or incident is sufficient to establish casual relationship.

4) Insurance Review for Coverage Question Disputes

Our Insurance Review program gives you the option of sending us your reports and claims that you would normally handle through interoffice claims review. We review these reports and claims. We then submit back to you our opinion, corrections, suggestions, and evaluations as to the success of the report and claim. This is effective on disputes on whether a claim is a Workers' Comp, Health, PIP  or liability claim.

5) Subrogation and Arbitration

ICC provides services in Subrogation and prepare arbitration arguments to be heard by inter-arbitration insurance and board panels.

6) Subrogation under ERISA

ICC provides services to Self-Insurers under the ERISA act who are entitled to subrogate their loss against a third party tortfeasor.

7) Expert Testimony and Expert Witness


8) ICC Provide services in the following States :  Alabama AL,  Alaska AK,  Arizona AZ,  Arkansas AR  California CA,  Colorado CO,   Connecticut CT,   Delaware DE, Florida FL, Georgia GA,  Hawaii HI,  Idaho ID,  Illinois IL,  Indiana IN,  Iowa IA  Kansas KS,   Kentucky KY,  Louisiana LA,   Maine ME,  Maryland MD,  Massachusetts, MA Michigan, MI  Minnesota MN,  Mississippi MS     Missouri MO,  Montana MT,  Nebraska NE,  Nevada NV,  New Hampshire NH,   New Jersey NJ,   New Mexico NM,  New York NY North Carolina NC,  North Dakota ND,  Ohio OH,  Oklahoma OK,  Oregon OR,  Pennsylvania PA,  Rhode Island RI,  South Carolina SC South Dakota SD Tennessee TN  Texas TX,  Utah UT  Vermont VT, Virginia VA,  Washington WA,  West Virginia WV  Wisconsin WI,  Wyoming WY,  England UK 

When you use our services, we will provide you the option of using our Expert Testimony and our Expert Witnesses.

Together we can achieve  The extra-Ordinary  


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