ICC Airport/Aviation Third Party Administrators

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ICC Airport/Aviation  Third Party Administrators 

ICC Airport /Aviation Third Party Administrators

ICC handles Airport / Aviation Liability Claims for Insurance Companies, Self-insured Aircraft Companies & Airports, State and  the Federal Government in the following areas: 

  • Aviation claims
  • Airport liability  
  • Aircraft noise
  • Pilot Error
  • Air disaster
  • Air crash
  • In-flight incidents
  • Cargo loss and damage
  • Airport injuries        
  • Ticketing issues
  • Passenger Rage
  • Federal Tort Claims Act Liability
  • Jurisdiction for Accidents Outside the United States  



ICC is now in favor of Real Time Fight Tracking devices to be placed on ALL aircraft that travel over the ocean waters so that planes can be located and monitored in real time. This will help save lives and avoid costly search for missing aircraft over such waters.  click here to see why   

Passenger Rage  Often times passengers become upset when their flight is delayed or a mix up occurs in seating for first class vs. coach, especially when the passenger has a first class ticket and no seating is available for that flight.  Often the passenger will accept a coach seat, but will continue to complain out loudly while boarding the plane, disrupting other passengers.  When this happens, a passenger whom the airline believes is, or might become, inimical to the safety of the aircraft or its passengers may be rejected from a flight without subjecting the airline to tort liability, if at the time, the airline personnel has a reasonable basis for believing the passenger presented a safety risk. This incident "could" or " will" become inimical to the safety of the aircraft or other passengers. 

ICC investigates not only the flight personnel, but also obtains recorded statements from other passengers on the aircraft before determining if there is potentially liability exposure.  The advantages of using a Third Party Administrator is that  it   removes  bias during an investigation and helps resolve disputes - reducing time and the cost of litigation.  When your company has a aviation claim to be investigated, consider calling  ICC at : 1 (316) 683-0170  Co., 1 (303)-386-6193, NY 1 (845)-751-0023  DC, 1 (202)-386-6193.  ICC maybe able to help reduce your costly litigation.    

Federal Tort Claims Act Liability

At ICC, we look at the State, Federal and International laws before negotiating any liability claim made against passenger aircraft or the Federal Government Under the ("FTCA') that the United States may be held liable by the negligent or wrongful acts or omission of any employee of the Government while acting within the scope of his office or employment.  In circumstances where the United States, if a private person, would be liable to the claimant in a aircraft, it would in accordance with the law of the place where the act or omission occurred and would govern the rights and liabilities of the parties. 28 U.S.C. 1346(b) (1).  This would apply when determining comparative or contributory negligence.  


3 Recent Developments in U.S. Aviation Product Liability Law –  Aviation Law 


  1. Jurisdiction Over Non-U.S. Manufacturers for Accidents in the United States

Jurisdiction Over Non-U.S. Manufacturers for Accidents in the United States

Jurisdiction for Accidents Outside the United States

Jurisdiction Over U.S. Manufacturers for Accidents Outside the United States

Federal Jurisdiction and Venue Over U.S. Corporations and Subsidiaries

Choice of Laws in Actions Against U.S. Manufacturers for Accidents Outside the United States

Federal Preemption of Aviation Product Liability Cases

Recent Developments Under the General Aviation Revitalization Act (GARA)

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