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ICC  ICC is a  Training /Consulting firm comprised of Risk Management experts that consults in Hospital Risk Management  for  private and Veteran Hospitals

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ICC's Hospital Risk Management Technology approach is different from other consulting firms. We concentrate on  the overall cost of Hospital legal matters stemming from patient safety, medical malpractice and workers' compensation, HIPAA Compliance and OSHA. ICC's early intervention program helps reduce the equation of attorney representation on liability issues.  This reduces the hospital's overall operating cost which places a hospital in a better competitive advantage. 

What works for one hospital may not work for another. That is why ICC structure its training and consulting services to meet your hospital's objectives.  ICC consults and trains hospitals staff and risk managers worldwide in providing the best services in Hospital Risk Management Technology.  

Some Risk managers are open for new innovative ideas and some are not. The advantages of our consulting service provide a second perspective view that may not have been explored in reducing the cost of liability claims and hospital error.  The cost of ICC's services are far less than the cost of one claim being represented by a plaintiff's attorney.      Click for Certification in Hospital Risk Management  

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