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About Us :    ICC Third-Party Administrators The  Global  World of  Claims Technology 

As a leading provider of Third Party Administration,we take pride in offering the best technology in claim settlement. ICC's dedication is to serve the needs of our customers each and everyday.  We have been providing professional claims service worldwide since 1992 to self-insured companies,manufacturers, hospitals, State, Federal Government and Municipalities. Our examiners are professionally certified at ICC's training school of technology before they are assigned to a field office and maintain the highest standard of professionalism. ICC is Insurance Claims Consultants and is the parent company of: ICC Third Party Administrators, ICC Underwriters, ICC School of Technology, ICC Disaster Recovery Team, and Doctors Communicate - a firm where doctors share medical technology Worldwide. Find us on LinkedIn 


The Advantage of having a Third Party Administrator is that your company pays less than what insurance companies charge for the same service, but,  your company with have full autonomy over the claim processing decision. That is ICC's difference.  When there is a liability claim presented, there is ICC and ..................................     


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