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Shulkins confirmation hearing  dan Martinez  reject nomination Why should a company choose ICC Third Party Administrators over other Insurance companies? Insurance companies charge by the number employees a company has as well as the revenue brought in as the basis for charging an insurance premium.  ICC does not care how many employees a company has, your revenue or the number of claims presented. Clients simply pays ICC to handle claims. If there are no claims for that given year, there is nothing to pay in fees. That is ICC's commitment to reducing cost, especially on high SIRs. 

At ICC Third Party Administrators, we negotiate liability claims nationally and worldwide for  Business, Government and Municipalities. Our team of experts can provide the resources and solutions needed  to settle claims without the extra cost of litigation. Our track record for consistency, timely, service and subject matter expertise, make insurmountable tasks possible to overcome.

ICC,a multifaceted company is here to assist by providing a wide range of services in Product Liability: Workers' Compensation: Medical Malpractice for  Doctors and Hospitals: Construction Liability: Safety Consulting: General Liability: Marine Liability: Airport/ Aviation Liability: Manufacturer Liability: ICC Transportation Liability: Pharmaceutical TPA:  Public Schools Third Party Administrators: Environmental Third Party Administration: Government Liability:  Marine Liability :   Hospital Third Party Administrator :  Heath-Care-Administrators   If you can't find what you're looking for, see other services provided below. 

 Dr. David Shulkin A.K.A. Dr Death   ICC Rejects Trump's Nominee for Secretary of Veterans Affairs  by  Dan Martinez  ICC, CEO 

Senator Moran, keep up the excellent work for the Veterans in Kansas.  However, in real consciousness,  I cannot get on board and endorse Dr. Shulkin MD for confirmation of Veterans Affairs reason:  (1)  ICC agrees with you that the secretary is supposed to find ways to expand  VA benefits to veterans, not “Narrow them.’  That would a conflict of interest for Dr. Shulkin MD, a violation of the Medical Ethics for licensed medical doctors.  (2)  Dr. Shulkin MD is engaged in the Unauthorized Practice of Law. Dr. Shulkin is not an attorney and not licensed nor does he know the law to supervise another attorney [p]eriod.  Dr. Shulkin MD,  attorney employees, are engaged in conflict with attorney’s ethical bar subjecting lawyers to lose their license to practice law and subjecting Dr. Shulin to be engaged in the Unauthorized Practice of Law. Only the Federal Courts have the inherent power to rule [who can and who cannot engage in the Unauthorized Practice of Law on this matter. (3) Dr. Shulkin in his confirmation hearing is trying to place the blame on Congress and the Senate because of their of lack of funding the VA.  As an expert, I say no more additional funding in necessary. The VA needs a creative Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs which Dr. Shulkin is not.  Because some Senator/Congress are ignorant of the law, veterans will continue to die.  I and my company; ( ICC)  will do our best to see that those Senators/Congress members do not make it in the 2018  election.  I also have no choice but to file a lawsuit against Dr. Shulkin MD for medical ethical violations to include but not limited to the Unauthorized Practice of Law Pursuant to Federal Rule 57 Declaratory Judgement to save the immediate lives of our veterans.  You are the only senator that understands this. Your other colleagues are ignorant of the laws or just don’t care if veterans continue to die while waiting for benefits and medical care – those officials shall be removed come 2018.    

Dan Martinez  ICC, CEO    


ICC is a Third Party Administrator and Consulting firm with experts that negotiate liability claims for businesses, municipalities, state, federal government and hospital administration. We are glad to assist in processing liability claims.


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